First steps down the long road

The initial IVF meeting went well. It was basically a consultation where our doctor explained what it was, how it works, options available and risks involved. Money wasn’t on the menu.

After we left we agreed the treatment was far more complicated than we thought and because of that more overwhelming than we expected. We definitely got the sense that for us this was uncharted territory. Honestly, we felt dumb. Here we are 8 years into our infertility and you’d think we’d have it all figured out by now. And there we sat like deer in headlights, confusing all the terminology and clueless what happens when – good thing he sent us home with a stack of papers.

So walking away there was a lot of decisions to make like are we going the frozen or unfrozen route, how many eggs will we implant, how will we choose to discard embryos and other questions we really can’t remember (better check those papers).

When we’re going through infertility treatments we’re focused on the one at hand. And I guess the hope we have in finally getting pregnant can keep us from looking too far forward. We honestly never thought we’d be doing IVF, but here we go.


2 thoughts on “First steps down the long road

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