Lupron Injection

IVF Week 1: Lupron Injections

This is what week one literally looked like. Every morning at 9:45 AM I give Desiree 0.2 cc of Lupron in either the top or side of her thigh, alternating legs and locations each day – except for today because she did it herself. She’s been a champ. The trick is to go in fast at a 45-degree angle, inject the drug, hold the needle in place for 1-2 seconds and then pull out fast the same way you went in.

After reading online we realized she’s been prescribed twice the typical dose. The side effects, if any, have been minimal. She’s had some tension headaches, bloating and nausea at night, but we’re not sure how much of that is due to other factors like tasty Mexican food.

Oh, that reminds me, Happy Cinco De Mayo, everyone – tip back a margarita for us tomorrow!


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