IVF Week 2: More Lupron, ultrasound and genetic testing

Sharps container

This is mostly weeks 1 and 2 Lupron syringes with some week 3 stuff mixed in.

This update comes a little behind schedule as we’re now well into week 3, but do stay tuned because I hope to post another update by Monday.

Week 2 was the same as week 1 as far as drugs are concerned, we continued with 0.2 cc of Lupron in the leg. Desiree’s thighs are starting to track and become lightly bruised, she welted up a couple times, but that’s normal; well, as normal as shooting infertility drugs into your thigh can be. Apparently it happens when the drug irritates the muscles. One of the side-effects is weight gain, but she consistently exercised and watched her calorie intake so she’s actually down 2 pounds, a small victory.

On Friday we went in for another ultrasound. The goal was to make sure her ovaries and any follicles were sized the way they should be for the time of the month before they had her start the Follistim treatments (i.e. follicle stimulating hormone). It was probably the fastest ultrasound she’s ever done; she passed with flying colors. I’ve been in the room for every one she’s had so I’m getting pretty good at looking at the screen and identifying what I’m seeing. They typically start with the right ovary, measure, count the follicles, move to the uterus, measure, and move to the left ovary and so on.

After the ultrasound we sat down with our infertility coordinator who checked in on us and prepped us for the week 3 drug regiment. We’re still doing Lupron, but at a reduced dosage, and introducing Repronex (another follicle stimulating hormone) and Follistim. That will make for three shots a day – one in the thigh, one in the stomach and one in the derriere.

The only other thing that happened in week 2 was we received the results from our genetic DNA mutation testing. The clinic took both of our blood samples in week 1 and sent it to GoodStart where it was tested for some 14 different mutations. The results tell us what we’re carriers for, if anything, and what our chances are of those carriers passing to or manifesting in any children we might have. I had no carriers; although they didn’t test for things you’d think they would like cancer and heart disease – I highly suspect I have those because they kill everybody these days. Desiree is a carrier for cystic fibrosis. The chances of passing that gene to our child is 50%, the chances of it manifesting in them is 0.06% since I’m not a carrier, another small victory.

Thank God for the small victories along the way, we’ll take as much as we can get.


4 thoughts on “IVF Week 2: More Lupron, ultrasound and genetic testing

  1. decor14u

    Being Desiree’s mother and watching the last 8 years of her going through grief and loss.. month after month..year after year has been extremely heart wrenching for her father and I. We feel so helpless like the time she had to have surgery at 6 months old and the hospital put her in a cage type crib..she was standing there with blood pouring out of her mouth, crying and reaching out to us through the rails as she was rushed into the other room. She is now reaching out for help..for understanding and support by her family and close friends..to understand the emotional roller coaster that she and Justin have been on and are now still going through..like when she is not able to attend certain events especially like a baby shower. We support her by letting her vent to us her emotions..even when she is not able to make sense of her own feelings..and she cries. At these times we are reminded of that time in the hospital..reaching out. She is and always will be our little girl. We can only pray and wish above all things that she is blessed with a healthy child or children. Now we are getting to the finish line of this IVF race and we are believing that she and Justin will win their prize..a beautiful baby to fulfill their lives. I love you both!! mom and dad

  2. Claire de Jongh

    Amen! Deb, it has to be heart wretching for a family to go through this. Rachel had four miscarriages before she had any children and lost several in between her girls. We cried and prayed for God to give her at least one child, and He has given her 4 beautiful girls. I am united in prayer with Desiree and Justin for God to bless them with this child they have always wanted. May He continue to give Dee the strength and peace as she goes through this process and also for her husband who is giving her such wonderful support. May they both draw closer to the Lord and to one another as they go through this process. Praying for all their family as they support this beautiful couple, and May God give them the desires of their heart. Love and continued prayers, your friend in Christ forever, Claire

  3. Desiree Carroll

    Thanks Mom and Claire. Your support and prayers means the world to us. It helps to know we’re not going through all of this alone. love. xoxo

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