IVF Week 5: Egg retrieval results

This morning the embryologist called and said of the 19 eggs they collected 12 were mature enough to fertilize. And after performing ICSI all 12 had done just that – we have 12 embryos, a perfect score! Then she said they’d all been frozen and that’s when things got confusing.

As we understood it the plan was to keep 2 fresh embryos, unfrozen and freeze the rest in case we needed to undergo another cycle of IVF.

When I pressed the issue and asked about the embryo transfer that’s supposed to happen on Thursday morning she paused and said she’d have to call me back.

There had been a mix up.

After I got off the phone with the embryologist I left a voicemail with one of the infertility coordinators who called back and said our doctor would like to see us right away. We were afraid our cycle had been cancelled.

When we arrived he apologized for the confusion, indicated our cycle hadn’t been cancelled and gave us options for moving forward with frozen embryos. We’ve always felt our best option for success was to defer to his expertise.

An embryo develops in 9 stages over 5 days. A fully developed embryo is called a blastocycst.

The way we understand it is they’ll thaw all 12 embryos, allow them to develop into blastocycsts, keep 2 for the egg transfer and double-freeze the rest if any. Some embryos may not make it through the thaw and others may not make it to blastocysts. The risk is that none of them make it and our cycle is over or that only 2 make it and we have nothing to double-freeze. What was supposed to happen was a typical cycle where they allow all 12 fresh embryos to develop for only 3 days, choose 2 for the egg transfer and freeze the rest.

Since the embryos are going to take 5 days to develop our embryo transfer (i.e. blastocyst transfer) is now scheduled for Saturday granted all goes well. In addition to the aforementioned risks there are still a few natural challenges left to get through as well.

If Desiree’s endometrium is too thick or rough our cycle could be cancelled. A thickness of 15mm is optimal and 20mm is questionable. Thankfully as of yesterday her range was still in the 16-17mm range. And for quality it’s best for implantation if the endometrium is smooth and not rugged. She’s scheduled for an ultrasound on Friday to check both.

Before we left the clinic our coordinator raised Desiree’s progesterone dosage. In addition to that she’s finishing the two pills, Doxycycline (antibiotic) and Medrol (steroid), over the next few days.

Right now we’re happy the end is in sight. The ups and downs are exhausting and we’re looking forward to Saturday. Keep praying for us. We’re doing the best we can to hang in there and make it through the embryo transfer.


3 thoughts on “IVF Week 5: Egg retrieval results

  1. Claire de Jongh

    May the God of peace keep your minds and hearts in Christ Jesus! Praying for His supernatural strength as you go through these next few days. May the Lord be your refuge and strength, a very present help in time of need. You are both in my heartfelt prayers! Hang in there. Love in Him, Claire

  2. Andrea

    So happy for you guys. I think I’m as excited as I would be for you guys as I would be going through it myself!! It’s so amazing to think that by Saturday Desiree could be carrying your miracle(s)!!!!!! I look forward to the updates and think of you guys often. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers, we’re on a little break here:) xoxo

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