We’re pregnant!

After 8 years of infertility, countless treatments and one heck of an IVF roller-coaster ride we’re happy to announce we’re pregnant!

The “two week wait”, the time between the embryo transfer and hCG (pregnancy) test, was as dreaded as everyone says it is. I tried to put it out of my mind, but you can’t. When our infertility coordinator called me with the results the conversation went something like this:

Her: I have good news!
Me: No way…
Her: I do. Desiree’s pregnant!
Me: You’re kidding?!
Her: I’m not!
Me: Wow, I can’t believe it.

After the call I went downstairs to tell Desiree. She screamed and then cried. We were both shocked. I was prepared for negative results. After 8 years you get stuck in this mode of thinking nothing will work. And so even after we were told we didn’t feel pregnant, we just knew someone was saying we were. We were excited, but it also felt numb if that makes any sense. I still feels that way to some degree.

Desiree is still on 1cc of progesterone and 2 dots (patches) of estrogen until about week 10 of her pregnancy. Her backside is pretty tore up at this point. She has fist-sized red spots on both sides from going back and forth between shots and patches every night. Keeping her on these dosages is only precautionary. If we had a miscarriage we wouldn’t want to say, “If only we had stayed on the drugs.” In fact, our doctor told us that the clinic was at about an 85% success rate for IVF this year which is extremely rare. Even the best clinics in the country sit just below 70%. He believes it’s keeping women on these drugs after a pregnancy has been detected that’s helped them reach that number.

Thanks for all the hope, prayers and community through our IVF. Please continue to pray for us, that the baby stays with Desiree. As of right now we’ve had 2 ultrasounds to check on the baby, everything is right on schedule and as healthy as doctors can tell at this point. We’ve been release from our infertility clinic and are looking forward to our first prenatal appointment with our OB.

We’re not shutting the blog down now that we’re pregnant or turning it into a pregnancy blog. Our infertility is something that we’ve noticed has continued to affect us even though we’re now on the other side. We’d like our story and this blog to serve as a resource, not just of information but also of hope and comfort, to those who are still struggling.


5 thoughts on “We’re pregnant!

  1. Claire De Jongh

    Elated and rejoicing with you both , continuing to hold Desiree up in prayer for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. God Bless all 3 of you. So Blessed to be able to share this Journey with you both as you await your little miracle baby! Love to all of you!


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