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IVF week 4: The lining situation

Last I wrote we had just gotten through the follicle situation. Friday morning (5/24) we arrived for another ultrasound and more blood work. We were hoping to see that even more follicles had developed and they did. We were now in the 10-15 follicle range. The drugs and “the leg trick” seemed to be working, but as it turns out maybe a little too much.

When we sat down with our coordinator she was happy about the follicles, but explained that Desiree’s uterine lining was getting too thick at 17 millimeters as opposed to the 15 they’d like to see. We’ve never had a problem with lining before, in fact we’ve always been told it was good. So once again we were staring at the possibility of having our cycle cancelled early. In addition to that news the Follistim dosage was dropped down to 4 clicks from 9. Like I said before we knew things could change overnight, but we didn’t expect it to keep happening. It’s hard not to feel like we’re being betrayed, like they never explained just how much risk was involved emotionally and financially.

And so we were back at home that night praying for another miracle. The best case scenario was we go in on Saturday for the ultrasound and the nurse tells us that she over-measured, that the lining is actually only 16 millimeters. I remember saying that both to Desiree and to my Mom that day after we got home.

So the next morning we’re in the ultrasound and I kid you not the nurse measures the lining at 16 millimeters and tells us that she over-measured the day before. On top of that they found even more follicles. It’s the kind of thing that just makes you laugh to yourself, we couldn’t believe we made it through another scare.

The only thing left to do that day was wait to hear from our doctor. It was the call we’d been waiting for all week, the call where he explained the status of our cycle and whether or not we’d be moving forward with egg retrieval. We hoped we didn’t have to go through another day of drugs because the more drugs the more chance the lining would grow.

Desiree made sure I’d be the one to take the call in case it was bad news. I spent the day trying to keep my mind off it by working. I kept both of our phones next to me on my desk and made sure not to leave the room without them.

He called with great news, he told us to take the HCG shot that night, which triggers ovulation, instead of taking Follisitm and Repronex, and that our egg retrieval was schedule for Monday morning. He mentioned things had been touch and go for a couple of days (didn’t we know it), but he thought it all worked out.

He also said Desiree’s progesterone level was approaching a worrying number. So like the follicle count and lining this was something that could possibly throw a wrench in the machine, an unfortunate reminder that we’re not out of the woods yet. There’s still a lot that can go wrong, probably more than they’re letting on. So please continue to pray that the retrieval goes well, that we have lots of healthy eggs, that they all fertilize, that we’re able to freeze some, that Desiree’s levels stay optimal and that we get the green light for a transfer.